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Meet Terra

How the hell did I get here?

I blame TV.

There were many things Terra loved growing up. Trash, for one. She didn’t know that dumpster diving was a career option until recently - thank you, YouTube. From trash picker to magician, then finally singer slash actress, she continually challenged her practical, utilitarian mother with her ringworm risks and late-night soliloquizing.

Her first role as The Witch of Tooth Decay, in first grade, won hearts across Lompoc’s most discerning crowds, including that of her mother. However, Terra began to grow fonder of the sound of words than the sound of applause and knew that words were her one true love.

From tabernacle to ultracrepidarian, the latter becoming useful after the birth of her two children, Terra has been in love with the sound and meaning of words since childhood.

Terra writes of her seventy’s upbringing – the identity clash of being raised by both a single hippie mother and a Greatest Generation grandfather while exposing her willful and uninterested Generation X attitude and exploits.

A successful local photographer and mother of two boys, ages thirteen and nineteen, Terra has recently returned to school. Graduating from Santa Barbara City College, she has been accepted to the University of California at Santa Barbara where she will continue to study English.